Jan Rose MBA

Chief Executive Officer

We train anywhere, any day, anytime to suit business imperatives, rosters, operational necessities...

We consult and then contextualise coursework to your environment...

We specialise in double qualifications to map common modules...We build healthy organisations from within...

You, as an experienced employee, can expect consideration and respect for the skills and experience that you bring to the table...Programs are blended so that you receive recognition of prior learning(RPL) where relevant and appropriate...Our programs are designed to further enhance your skill base - a well-rounded skill set to compliment you both professionally and personally...


We aim to inspire curiosity, imagination and lifelong learning....more



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What is RPL?

A formal assessment for recognition of prior learning (RPL) will determine whether you are able to shorten the amount of further study required for a qualification...or in many cases an individual may be eligible for a qualification without the need for any further study at all!

One World Learning is licensed to provide nationally recognised qualifications to people based on the quality of their experience, skills and knowledge.

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How we started - where we're from - where to from here.

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In2national Careers

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